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Largest Slots Jackpot Payouts

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Who isn’t looking for the jackpot when we think of playing our favourite slots, and whilst they may not be the life-changing jackpots we dream about, it’s a real thrill it is when you come up lucky. In the good old days, you literally had to go to Vegas to win big, however, today online casinos are rivalling the scale of prizes on offer. But how big is an online jackpot really worth? Well, we thought we would take a look at some of the biggest wins, and see if we can’t get a little bit giddy about the possibilities from our favourite online entertainment.

What Slots Payout The Largest Jackpots?

There are so many online slots games to choose from, all offering various jackpots and payouts, but it is typically the Progress Slots that have the largest jackpots with wins going into the millions of Pounds, Euros and Dollars. There are 3 types of games: The Stand-Alone Progressive Jackpot, the In-House Progressive Jackpot and the Wide Area Progressive Jackpot.

  • The Stand-Alone Progressive Jackpot has a much lower jackpot than some of the other types. These type of online slot games are not linked to any other online slots.
  • The In-House Progressive Jackpot link a group of slots together, so you can expect the prizes to be bigger.
  • The Wide Area Progressive Jackpots are the uber jackpots and are grouped together from various different online casinos.

The way they work is that each time progressive jackpots are played and there is no winner, then some of the money from each of the spins contributes to the total jackpot.  The amount of money gradually increases the longer there is no winner, hence the name progressive jackpots.  It doesn’t take long for these jackpots to mount up, making the competition very high and the good news is that you can win big in just one single spin if you are lucky.

If after reading about progressive jackpots don’t appeal to you, then read no further.  We have some great free spins no deposit UK offers you can check out and try out without even putting your hand in your pocket. If the bigger jackpots are of interest then read on…

So let’s take a look and some of the biggest jackpot wins so far, and importantly what games winners were playing at the time.  If you fancy taking your chances on any of the games below, just click on the link and we’ll take you over to one of our UK registered casinos where you can try it out.

1. £13.2 million on Mega Moolah Slot

The great news is that the Guinness World Book of Records biggest slot win title goes to a UK player. Jon Heywood from Cheshire in the UK was playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah on 6 October 2015. This soldier hit the highest jackpot whilst he was playing at 25p per spin. Mega Moolah Slot is brought to you by Micrograming and is referred to by many as the “The Millionaire Maker” simply because of the size of the jackpots many have one.

PlayOJO Casino

2. €17,861,800 on Mega Fortune

The next win can definitely give us all hope.  This particular player from Finland (anonymous) took a free spin no deposit bonus on the 20th January 2013 and then used the win to bet on the French Riviera themed Mega Fortune. Guess what, he only then won a life-changing jackpot of €17,861,800. Netent’s Mega Fortune is another progressive slot which plays across 5 reels and 25 paylines.

3. €11,546,388 on Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah slot struck success again quite recently,  in March 2019. Whilst the player remains anonymous, Microgaming has disclosed to have paid out the lump sum straight into the players account after the verification process had completed of course Sure that wasn’t an enjoyable wait for the winner, but that’s not a bad day in the office! The Mega Moolah jackpot is reported to trigger 3 to 5 times a year, with a win never below one million.

Party Casino

4. €10,710,483 on Jackpot Giant

Another anonymous player hit the jackpot in October 2018, striking gold at €10,710,483.  This Playtech progressive jackpot has over 50 paylines, and often hosts prizes of over one million. This is not an easy game to win on, and not very popular amongst players.  BUT what a great name for a casino game!

Mansion Casino

6. €8,027,631 on Mega Moolah

History does seem to keep repeating itself on this very popular slot. December 2012 and John Order won a mediocre sum of €8,027,631 and he simply wagered 0.30.  Definitely what dreams are made of. Bet anywhere between the minimum 0.25 up to the maximum 6.25 a spin and you too could trigger the jackpot.

Casino Gods

7. £7.1 million on Mega Moolah

Making it to our list ones again back in August 2016, this time our winner is known as ‘D.P’, and he won the tidy sum of £7.1m on his mobile phone. The win is known to be the largest UK casino win on a mobile device.

Playzee Casino

8. £6.3 million on Hall of Gods

Last but by no means least is Neil from Aberdeen. New to the world of online slots, Neil deposited £30 and with limited understanding of the rules of progressive slots, he scooped an astonishing £6.3 million in 2017. He was playing Hall of Gods developed by NetEnt software developers.

Dream Vegas Casino

Neil’s win has proven that winning in the world of progressive slots is all about timing. You could spend all day and not go home with a penny, equally one lucky spin can result in you pocketing millions and genuinely making your dreams come true. Don’t forget anyone can trigger the jackpot.