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Choosing a Trustworthy Casino

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You’ve found a great free spins no deposit offer or a free no deposit bonus that’s really interested you, but how do you know the casino itself is trustworthy enough for you to feel it worthy of spending your precious time with them and arguably and more importantly, worthy of you spending your hard-earned cash with them.  What are the most important things to be on the lookout for? Well, is here to guide you to find a safe, reliable, honest and high-quality casino with all the entertainment you want.

Look no further than our easy step by step guide which will hopefully go towards giving you a helpful checklist to prioritise your safety and security while still playing your favourite casinos.  Alternatively, check out our free spins no deposit UK as all of these casinos is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. All of the casinos we work with have all the necessary safety and security in place to protect you, so you can just relax and enjoy our online casino entertainment safe in the knowledge that we have checked them all out for you.

Casino Licensing and Regulation

The recognised licensing body in the UK is the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and they are the critical licensees in the gambling industry protecting and looking out for our UK Online Casino players. An easy way to spot this critical licence is to ensure that the casino displays the licencing jurisdiction logo, and you’ll usually find it at the bottom of the page with all the other logos. Frankly, for UK players, if the casino does not have a UK Gambling Licence then just walk away. It’s absolutely essential that you scrutinise their licensing before going any further as an important part of this regulation gives you the confidence that your deposited money is being kept in a separate account or ‘segregated fund’ and is away from other players’ money. You can then be assured that there will always be enough money to pay your winnings and that they aren’t ever made up of other players’ deposits. In addition to this, the UKGC also impose an extensive list of terms, conditions and best practices that the casino must adhere to. BUT it doesn’t stop there as the UKGC also ensures that their independent auditors undertake rigorous checks on each of the casinos who hold a licence, to ensure that they can provide comprehensive evidence of their compliance and can demonstrate this at all times.

Keeping your Money Safe

When choosing a casino then without a doubt the most critical thing you will consider is whether the casino will provide a trustworthy system for you to deposit or withdraw your cash. Casinos deal with an enormous amount of cash each and every day in deposits and withdrawals, so the trustworthy casinos know the importance of keeping their players’ money safe and secure. You can deposit with most responsible casinos through a good selection of depositing methods including debit and credit cards, or alternatively e-wallets (otherwise known as an electronic wallet or digital wallet) such as Neteller and Skrill. Using these types of methods ensures that the casino can’t access your financial information as it restricts the personal information that you provide to the casino. Usually, your credit card and debit card details are routinely kept on a secure server that is guarded by the casino’s latest firewall systems. Some of the best new casinos also offer the new crypto-currency known at BitCoin which put simply is a type of cash for the internet or digital currency.

Protecting Your Personal Data

In order for you to join a casino and start playing, it is a legal requirement for the casino itself has to verify your identity before they can take any money from you.  To do this they will need your full name; home & email address; telephone number and your date of birth. As well as this as we mentioned earlier you will also be passing over your financial information too. Obviously from your perspective handing over this kind of information could make your very nervous about what the casino will do with it and how it will be stored and protected.  After all identity theft is high on people’s agenda these days.  Each casino is responsible for assuring a high level of protection for your sensitive information and therefore the most reputable and Best UK Casinos take this issue very very seriously. Data encryption is the mechanism that the casinos adopt and they do this by “scrambling” all of your personal data and the method they use is something called SSL (Secure Socket Layers). You’ll see sometimes a casino referring to their SSL as 128-bit or 256-bit SSL Data Encryption giving you the confidence that your personal data can then only be used and understood by those casinos who you have authorised to use and store your information.

Giving You High-Quality Games

If you are going to deposit your limited hard-earned cash anywhere, then using it on high-quality games where there is a big library of games to choose from has got to be an important factor.  A useful way of assessing the quality of the games on offer is to check if the casino is working with a reputable software supplier. The most reputable gambling software providers include Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Extreme Live Gaming, and Amaya. If you find that the casino is offering games provided by these providers, then you can be confident that you are going to get astonishing graphics and visual effects, smooth gameplay, and fantastic sound effects which will all make for a better all-round better gaming experience. PLUS having an awesome choice of slots and casino table games, and even sports betting will keep you entertained for hours. If you are not sure of the reputable software providers then you can just look them up on Google.

Giving You Great Customer Support

Any good quality casino should be offering you great customer service. It’s highly likely that any questions you are going to have will happen when you are playing a game and you are going to want to be confident that you are going to get an instant and satisfactory answer as quickly as possible. Many casinos today offer support 24/7 and often it is over live chat,  which is the best option for you, or the next best thing is the telephone.  Surprisingly there are some casinos out there that still only offer email support so watch out for these. When you are setting up your new account check out the casino website as their contact details should be in a prominent place especially if you may need help on urgent matters. You could try them out beforehand by raising a question and see how quickly they respond. This will reassure you that someone is always there to help.